Season 3 "무한도전"

Since May 6, 2006, the third season of the program 'Muhan Dojeon'(Infinite Challenge, 무한도전), went on air. Special coverage of 2006 World Cup Germany was featured for the entire month of June 2006, and some Ah-ha specials (with Shinhwa, for example) on their beginning. However, since July 8, 2006, the program began its memorable first-step as the first 'Real-Variety' television programme in Korean television history, with the airing of 'Please, come early' (일찍 와주길 바래, a part of the 'Please, be...' series see below), combining elements of both Reality TV and Variety programming, including Comic features from 6 'Infinite (Challenge) Members'(무한도전 멤버들, see 'hosts'). Thereafter, they have been making challenges with regard to anything which can happen in real life (excluding some critical issues such as politics, religions, and sexual references), in outdoor studios, with little acting or heavily-based plotting. Since December 2, 2006, it has received the highest ratings of prime-time lineups for Saturday evening.

Beijing Olympic Special

Mudo members (M.C. Yoo, Myung-soo Park and JunJin) with Fernando a Mexican TV AZTECA reporter, the same scene broadcasted on TV AZTECA.  They were in Beijing reporting the Olympic events, JunJin ran into 100 meter dash battle with a Mexican reporter.  One of the funniest moment in Olympic special in Mudo.

Bobsleigh Special

In 2009, Mudo accomplished something that other TV shows never thought about doing.

All six members challenged to become a Bobsleigh

Despite the ailing economy and ongoing television broadcast strikes, Chief Producer TEO decided to give this special the go-ahead because they wanted to shed light on the virtually unknown sport to most of Koreans. Furthermore, because the national bobsled team lacks official funding, MBC and Mudo have also agreed to sponsor them by selling variety merchandises such as t-shirts and caps with Mudo logos.

The original idea came from the movie "Cool Running"